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10 Ways you Unconsiously Sabotage the Speedy

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* Overwhelmed with showday?

* Just TOO MUCH STUFF in house?

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I'll help you understand how & why you're sabotaging the sale of your home & don't even know it!

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Who is Kate Emmerson?

Kate is known as the Quick Shift Deva - Clutter expert, life coach, best selling author, and international speaker. She bounces into homes, offices, and hearts to help clients sort out their clutter and their lives, freeing them to move on to LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE. Much like a combination of Clean House and House Doctor, she will both physically, mentally and emotionally help

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It came down to two buyers that were “betting” for our home. We recommend anyone looking for the most seamless, stressless sale of their home to make use of Kate’s program.

Marilu and Ryan

Our home was on the market with 3 different agents over 13 months, yet within just 11 days of doing's Kate's work, I accepted an OTP! I did not realise how strong the attachment is to a physical entity (aka home)

Lynne Scholtz

Even two weeks before our designated show day we had effortlessly signed the sale of agreement! Thank you once again Kate for the huge impact you had on my/our lives.

Fiona and Jan Aucamp

The most profound info ever when you are selling or moving house!

Can definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to gain better insight and understanding of all that is really happening around you during this transition.

Rieks Swart

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